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In Memoriam Notice

Contributed by forum on Mar 03, 2009 - 08:53 PM

In Memoriam

Jim Bound

Jim has left us in peace with dignity and honor, with courage and grandeur, with laughter and great spirit until his last minute standing tall, the way we know him and the way we appreciate him.

We lost our dearest friend.
We lost our leading light.
We lost our great adviser.
We lost our pillar.

We will miss his laughter.
We will miss his genius.
We will miss his generosity.
We will miss his anger.
We will miss his passion and impatience.
We will miss his intransigence.
We will miss his love for disfavored people.
We will miss his hate for dishonorable people.
We will miss his wonderful speeches.
We will miss having a simple diner with him.

We are sad to not have told him good bye on his last day.

We are sad and pray god for his soul to rest in peace.

God Bless Jim!

Yanick & Latif

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Jim Bound

see interview.
Jim also led an IPv6 Forum's CTO Executive Committee.

In Memoriam Jim Bound

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